Jonny Lipford

In a career that spans fifteen solo albums and countless collaborations in the studio and live on stage, Jonny Lipford has made his mark as one of the most versatile musicians of ancient wooden flutes in the US. Since the beginning of his musical journey with Native-style flutes in 2002, Lipford has always been an enthusiastic trailblazer. His innate ability to uniquely carve a new path bridging cultures and marrying unexpected genres together has certainly been astonishing.

As an instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, author, instructor and consistently memorable performer, Jonny Lipford is a true inspiration. He conducts himself in a way that makes others feel acknowledged, understood and motivated.

His solo work has garnered him several accolades, which include receiving the Indian Summer Music Award in his category in 2012 and 2013. Lipford has been the recipient of five Silver Arrow Awards and one Humanity 4 Water award for his contributions to the Native American music industry. He has also been nominated by the Native American Music Awards four times for his various solo works.

Lipford has taught hundreds to play the Native American flute over the course of the years. His passion for connecting and instructing students in a meaningful and charismatic way has led him to be one of the most sought-after instructors of the Native-style flute.

Having a compassionate heart has enabled Lipford to support countless non-profit organizations; including Habitat for Humanity, United Way, American Red Cross, Wounded Warrior, Humane Society, World Vision, Soles4Souls, Ronald McDonald Foundation, Children in Crisis and many other philanthropic and environmental organizations.

For his newest musical pursuit, he expanding the boundaries of the Native American flute, plunging headlong into a scene of cover songs to bring awareness to an ancient instrument in a casual and familiar way. As Lipford progresses and matures, audiences have noticed an awakening happening with both his music and his sentiments. His performances are a fusion of music and message. He utilizes the capacity of music to empower and inspire a diverse crowd.

“Instrumental music is like abstract art for the ears. It’s timeless and limitless,” says Lipford. That couldn’t ring truer as a quick gaze into the audience reveals people of all creed and color, immersing themselves in the music and message.

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