Cass & Johnny

Cassandra Justine:

Cassandra holds space for people to discover their purpose and tap into their power. She channels divine love and light as a yoga teacher, sound-healer, reiki practitioner and tarot reader to support individuals on their spiritual journeys. She is Co-Founder and Creative Director of Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective, a start-up non-profit that values accessibility and affordability. As Choose Joy, Cass leads retreats and guides classes, workshops and events at mindful festivals and ethical studios. Choose Joy annually puts on Ladies DAYtreat, a 1-day festival to awaken your inner goddess. Learn more about her work at and peeps her collaborative blog for inspiration at

Johnny Pinto:

From the vessel of sound, Johnny provides a safe space for growth, expression and dream-building. As a musician, writer, story teller, the co-founder of JV Studios, an award winning creative film studio and Bella Donna Studio, a cinematic wedding film studio, he understands what it takes to follow your dreams. The stories of his struggles, successes and growth can be felt in his music. To Johnny, sound is one of the ways to slow down, find peace and rebalance the soul.

About Them: 

Cassandra, a yogi and healer, and Johnny, a soulful musician, were brought together by the winds of the universe to create transformational experiences with sound-healing, yoga, movement and meditation. Their collaborations as dual space holders inspire growth, creativity and introspection. Together, they create a safe space for self-exploration so that individuals may let go and grow.

Classes and Events

Intensive: Chakra Awakening | Yoga, Sound & Journaling
The Experience | A Journey Inward
Acoustic Soul Flo | Yoga + Live Music