Challenge to Change, Inc.

Challenge to Change

Challenge To Change, Inc.  has a mission to teach lifelong wellness skills for overall support and growth; mind, body & spirit to all ages through practice’s such as fitness, yoga, mediation, daily mindfulness techniques.  They offer a variety of unique signature programs: YogArt Camps, Toddler/Kids/Teen 95-hour Yoga Teacher Training, Children’s Yoga Party Sleepover and direct-to-teacher workshops with credit: Yoga For Teachers, Advanced Yoga For Teachers and Mindful Games (where you will learn how to make mindfulness in the classroom fun and engaging).

They believe that giving children the gift of yoga, mindfulness and meditation enables them to have choices and resources to self-regulate  through movement and breath work.  As Molly Schreiber, founder of Challenge To Change says, “…this is so our smart minds are connected to our kind hearts and our calm bodies”.

We regularly add and update our website with relevant information, research and special opportunities and offers.  If you have questions, would like to hire Molly M. Schreiber for inspirational speaking engagements, in-services, workshops or would like to start a Yoga In The Schools program in your school, contact Molly at

Challenge to Change, Inc. will be selling children’s books, yoga decks of cards, mudra decks, posters, meditation timers, CDs, and yoga curriculum.