About the Festival

Choose how you grow

When the Fields of Yogis family was dreaming about a yoga festival, we often wondered why the second biggest city in Iowa didn’t have something like this already. Cedar Rapids was home, but the festivals were always somewhere else. So the thought was, why not bring it here? When we asked those around us they said, “We want a yoga festival here, but we don’t have the time to do it.”

With a deep love for community and growth, we set out to build an event that would be accessible for everyone. The Fields of Yogis family has been to festivals high and low. Yoga festivals, street festivals, music festivals. So we decided to take all of those features and put them together.

During the first year we thought about what we truly wanted at the end of the day. We decided that community, growth, accessible pricing, health, and mental wellness were central to our ideal festival. After that we decided to take a holistic approach to programming . We wanted yoga of course, but we also wanted empowerment workshops, group art, live music, and community oriented projects.

We wanted to see the faithful yogi and instructor attend the festival, but we also wanted the community to be involved. Yoga can be intimidating but The health benefits of yoga have been touted for years:

The mental and physical health benefits are immeasurable. The most important aspect was that we give the new yogi a baseline to practice with and the expert a set of new tools to refresh their practice.

Cedar Rapids was a ghost town after the flood in 2008 but it’s been amazing to see the people and businesses rally around each other and build. With that, Fields of Yogis saw the inspiration, watched the beautiful growth in NewBo District, and decided that we wanted to be a part of it all.

​It is so exciting to see a community that has been battered and beaten down, become so vibrant and robust. Our hope for the festival is that we can teach everyone the benefits of yoga, help in the success of our community, and build right along with it. Anyone and everyone can do yoga. It is about soul and practice, not about perfection and expertise.

With Love,
The Fields of Yogis Family