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Jessica Feldt

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Jess, a Colorado native living in Cedar Rapids, is first a mother and wife. She has found deep healing through play and laughter with her family. They love to travel and share nourishing meals with their friends and loved ones. She shares her passions as a wellness mentor, Yoga + Buti Yoga instructor, massage therapist + holistic esthetician and Reiki Master. Working in the wellness + beauty industries for over decade she has developed her own unique approach to living a well life through her own amazing health journey. 


She graduated from, Aveda Institute in Denver, CO, in 2012, where she discovered her passion for Ayurveda and holistic lifestyle practices. She is a student of ACIM and her teacher who started her on this path, Gabrielle Bernstein. She loves to share these teachings and holds gatherings monthly covering ACIM lessons.


Currently she is co-creating Luna-Sōl Studios, with the mission to inspire intentional self-love, so that those seeking wellness feel empowered to care for themselves and the world around them. Their goal is to help facilitate a sustainable lifestyle + inclusive community through movement, holistic health + wellness practices and deep authentic